Varm ostcrème med goda tillbehör

1 portion


100 g Spruce bark cheese(Granbarksost) from Jürss Mejeri
4 eggs
0,5 dl (50 ml) milk 
Sour dough bread, preferably levain



Feathery fennel tops
Roast chopped almonds
Olive oil
Black pepper
ÄKTA SYLT – Gooseberry, almond, lemon juice and sugar 


Mix the cheese, eggs and milk into a smooth batter; heat gently to 84°C. Let it cool. Cut the bread into pieces and fry them in butter.


Serving suggestion

Put a spoonful of cheese cream and the sour dough bread on a plate.


Garnish with feathery fennel tops, chopped roast almonds, and large spoon of Äkta Sylt, a little olive oil and some black pepper.


Recipe: Staffan Naess

Photo: Bianca Brandox-Cox



Rådjurssadel med silverlökscrème

2 portions


250 g saddle of venison
100 g chopped white onion
30 g butter
6-7 pickling onions
ÄKTA SYLT – Morellos, redcurrant juice, red wine, orange juice and sugar


White onion cream

Melt the butter and simmer the chopped onions until soft. Process in a mixer into a smooth cream.  Season it with salt.


Saddle of venison

Sear the saddle of venison in butter, season with salt and pepper. Roast it in the oven at 150° for 10 minutes. Let it rest for 2 minutes before serving.

Parboil the pickling onions for 3 minutes; let them cool and fry in butter.


Serving suggestion

Put the saddle of venison and onion cream on a plate. Garnish with the pickling onions, parsley and Äkta Sylt


Recipe: Staffan Naess

Photo: Bianca Brandox-Cox





Mazarin med citrusgranité

4 portions


Mazarin cake

100 g butter   
100 g marzipan   
2 eggs   
2 tbsps flour  
1 dl (85 g) sugar
1 pinch of salt    



1 liter orange juice   
100 g sugar  
1 lemon   
1 dl (10 ml) milk well beaten     

ÄKTA SYLT – orange, lemon, cocoa beans, vanilla pod and sugar


Mazarin cake

Beat the sugar, marzipan and butter. Add the eggs, salt and flour. Pour the batter into a mould and bake for 20 minutes at 170°C. Leave the cake to get cool.



Mix the orange juice, sugar and fruit of 1 lemon. Freeze.


Milk foam

Heat the milk to 70°C and beat to obtain a compact foam


Serving suggestion

Cut a piece of cake, grate the frozen lemon granita over it and add the milk foam. Serve with a large spoonful of Äkta Sylt


Recipe: Staffan Naess

Photo: Bianca Brandox-Cox

Forget your breakfast bread and pancakes for now. There are many other ways of using jam and marmalade in cooking.

Jam is surprisingly tasty with smoked meat. "Tomato with lime and chilli" goes beautifully with smoked products.


Serve a spoonful of "Orange and cocoabeans" with boiled or baked fish -  an exciting citrus experience compared to the obligatory lemon wedge.


"Lingonberry and strawberry" is a jam specially made for light, mild cheeses such as brie, camembert and medium mature hard cheese. Try it with fried camembert!


Download the recipe for "Warm creamy cheese cream garnished with goodies" from the recipe page. Serve it with "Gooseberry and almonds" - meltingly good. Also goes well with cheese fondues.


There are many options that go with ice-cream, cheesecake and other desserts. Do try "Morellos in red wine", which is also delicious with game. Try it instead of the traditional red currant jelly.


Make up your own apple cake. Put apple slices on top of a layer of your favourite jam. Or let the cake cool and spread melted marmalade on top of the cake before serving.


Some times the simplest idea is the best: some sponge cake, or ice-cream with jam and some lightly whipped cream. Or why not almond tartlets filled to the brim with jam, topped with a little cream.


And finally: you must try the "Coffee with morning fresh milk". Serve it with a not too sweet vanilla ice-cream, or drizzle it on top of a cake made with dark chocolate.


Thank you!

We thank our guest chef Staffan Naess, of the restaurant Matbaren Mathias Dahlgren, for his recipes and cooking. We also thank NK Kök och Porslin for lending us plates and spoons.