The copper preserving pan

Bassine à confiture is the name of this indispensible preserving pan, which is the heart of every jam-makers soul. This lovely pan is made of copper, and produces the exact  conditions for short cooking times and a perfect end result.


Sugar thermometer

Even the best jam maker cannot create perfect jam without a good sugar thermometer. Long experience watching jam boil in the preserving pan enables the jam maker to see when the jam is about to be ready. This is skill. But the thermometer enables the maker to stop the cooking process at exactly the right time.



This is used to measure the sugar content of jam, It is an excellent tool if the sugar content of the raw material is unknown, and the maker needs to control of the total sugar content.


Wooden spoon

A wooden spoon with a long handle will make it easier to avoid burning your hands on the heat rising from the preserving pan.

Oven cloth

The pans are hot and you need really good protection, such as oven gloves. A large, dry, sturdy cloth is ideal.



The perfect funnel is the jam makers' dream. They visit every kitchen shop they can find, preferably professional, whenever they travel abroad. Finding a good funnel is a special treat, as the choice in Sweden is not large.


Gas burners

Making jam over a gas burner is not only a lovely feeling, but ensures shorter cooking times, which is the basis for high quality.


Good raw materials

All jam making is based the raw materials; jam craftspeople adapt their methods and recipes to the quality of their raw materials, as ripeness, taste and looks determine how the jam is made. This is a part of the jam makers' skill and craft.








Photos: Bianca Brandon-Cox.