What is Äkta Sylt

Read about our rules and criteria under This is Äkta Sylt.


How much fruit or berries does Äkta Sylt contain

It varies, but we follow the stricter rules of the National Food Administration, for what is known as "extra jam", which means.....  (här kommer ytterligare text på ett par rader)


How much sugar does Äkta Sylt contain 

Virtually, the rest of the weight after deducting the fruit, berries, spices and flavourings. Though the sugar content varies a great deal between different products.


Wouldn't it be better to reduce the amount of sugar and add preserving agents?

No, we don't think so. Sugar is a natural preserving agent, and a fantastic taste carrier. The flavour levels of Äkta Sylt mean that we can use less sugar and still obtain bags of flavour.


What's wrong with preserving agents?

It is entirely permissible to use them, but unnecessary when making jam according to the rules of Äkta Sylt. Preserving agents can give the jam a slight off-taste. After opening a jar of Äkta Sylt it should be kept in the fridge.


Why isn't industrial pectin permitted in Äkta Sylt?

Hand made jam does not need industrial pectin, which can add a metallic taste. The idea of Äkta Sylt is to use as few ingredients as possible in addition to the raw material and sugar, in order to preserve the natural flavour and colour.


What's wrong with industrially produced jam?

There's nothing wrong with it, and it has its place in shops and on the market. What we are asking for is honest, clear information about the contents. Then everyone is free to chose the jams they wish to buy.


What should you put on pancakes if you can't afford Äkta Sylt for all the kids?

We think that children should be allowed to taste really good jam. Äkta Sylt goes further than industrial jam, so you use less of it. It can also be made to go further with whipped cream, for example. Another alternative is to make your own jam, either by mixing fresh berries with sugar, or by cooking it. What we are aiming for is that more children should have the chance to experience unspoiled flavours.


What does the word "äkta" (real) mean in Äkta Sylt?

A pure, unadulterated meeting point between craftsmanship  and raw materials. That is to say pure raw materials of high quality, no artificial additives and honest information.

What are we saying to all home jam makers using pectin and preserving agents?

Äkta Sylt wishes to focus on artisanal jam making, and for that reason we appreciate everyone who makes jam - either at home or for sale. The professional
craftsperson does not use short cuts via artificial additives, which is why we have rules. We are fighting against disguised industrial products in granny-style jars - we call it sponging off real jam. In contrast we appreciate all jams made at home with feeling and joy. We hope to encourage some home jam makers to develop their jamming and their craft skills.


Why don't you use exclusively organic raw materials in Äkta Sylt?

Every jam maker in the Swedish Jam-making Association have their own motivation and philosophy as to raw materials and flavourings. What we have in common is our craft and our agreed rules. A number of us use organic raw materials, and we all work carefully handling our raw materials. But it is difficult to be consistent with spices and flavours, which is why organic raw materials are not a must in Äkta Sylt.

Why do you use copper preserving pans - isn't it dangerous?

Copper is a better heat conductor than stainless steel and the quality of jam depends on the shortest possible cooking time. Scientific tests have been made to see how much copper is deposited into the jam. As the cooking time is so short this was found negligible. The traditional view that it was dangerous to use copper pans stems from the time when foodstuffs were kept for long periods in copper pans.