Jam-making is our passion. All our members love to stand by their bubbling pots, savouring the aroma of fruit, berries and spices. We want to share our craft, voyage towards new tastes and share them with everyone When you buy Äkta Sylt you share that journey with us.


My basic ingredients come from our own cows. I love to follow the milk from udder to... More


My challenge is to combine old traditions with new tastes. My inspiration comes from... More


I love to paint with flavours. I use raw materials gathered from the shores of Lake Siljan to create my... More


I am inspired by old recipe treasure troves. When working at the preserving pan I enjoy renewing... More


The copper preserving pans are always on the go in our marmalade workshop. The aroma... More


Jam-making is a way of preserving memories of summer. It is inspiring and creative to transform... More


I loving jam-making. Many years at the copper preserving pans have taught me the craft, but now I... More



The secret behind my tastes is my hunger for knowledge. My motivation is carefully to combine fruit... More


It's a joy for me to watch the preserving pans bubble with delicacies. It is close to a dream... More