The origin of the Swedish Jam Making Association is their members' love of the craft. After three years of training in the art of jam making we wish to reach out with the quality of Äkta Sylt.


We have now 16 jam makers who have been studying, discussing and not least training themselves to make sugar syrup, jam, candied fruit, etc. All this thanks to the inspiration of our master jam maker Jan Hedh, who awakened our interest in the craft and gave us a mission - to fight for Real Jam: Äkta Sylt.


Our professional skills and meetings with colleagues all over Sweden and abroad has developed our pride in and motivation for our craft. The unique qualities of Äkta Sylt are created by our craft, and we fight against those who sponge off jam, because we want to preserve the craft and the results it gives us all

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Foton: Bianca Brandon-Cox.